HAFW Founder Mahlet Teklemariam Talks to CNN.

"Paris, London, Addis Ababa? Ethiopia's future is fashion forward", said CNN as Inside Africa made a recent visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to highlight the growing fashion industry in the country and the continent. Founder of HAFW Mahlet Teklemariam spoke on the growing interest in Africa's fashion and garment industry, and how designers in the country are benefitting from exploring the global market through their experiences in participating at internationally recognized events such as HAFW.

Addis Ababa's local designer Fikerte Addis, Sara Mohamed of Next Design School, fashion journalist Eskedar Kifne and international fashion photographer Antonio Fiorente also highlighted their knowlege on the industries' recent history. The international attention is growing, and the soon to be held HAFW 2015 is gearing to accentuate that growth even further as it teams up with Africa Sourcing Fashion Week which will be held at the Addis Ababa Millennium Hall October 21-23 2015.

Please follow link to CNN's video here.

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